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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Happy Blogaversary!

It looks like the winner is The Date of March 11. I think that I didn't really give the Counter a good shot at hitting 10,000 first because I haven't been blogging as consistently as I should. Also, I'm not reading other people's blogs. I've found there is no better way to promote one's own blog than by visiting other's blogs, and commenting. You don't even have to say "please come read what I'm writing!" If you comment then they will come. When I am heaviest into blogging and reading blogs is when I tend to get the most traffic myself.

Well, in honor of having blogged exactly one year today I will re-post my first blog. Afterall, that is the traditionally lazy way of commemorating this occasion. Here we have...

What the heck

I first heard about blogging when I saw the word sprawled across a sample webpage design on the website that I use to build my website. I thought it was a funny word, but had no clue what it was. Later I found out that it was a kind of online journal. At first I thought that I surely had to have something important to say in order to have a blog, but after surveying the multitudes of friends and family's blogs I realized that I was being closed minded. I don't have to be important or have any thing relevant to say in order to have a blog. I just have to like writing and saying stuff. "That's me!" I exclaimed as I jumped out of my chair. I can blog! And so, here I am. Blogging. My mom tells me that blog is short for Weblog, which somehow brings me more comfort in using the word so much. As if somehow, such stately sounding origins justify such a rediculous sounding word.

So this is my first blog. Let's hope I can keep this up.

I got 4 comments on that one. Two were from a random person who just happened to drop by my blog. I figured that was typical. It's never happened again. He posted to let me know that I spelled "ridiculous" wrong.


Jason said...

Congratulations to both you and your blog! I hope the two of you have many more years together. Are you doing anything special for the occasion? A nice dinner? A show perhaps? Will Amanda be invited, or would that be too awkward for her and the blog?

As you know, my blog and I are separated right now. We'll get back together eventually, though. We just need a little time apart. I really think it's for the bestThe problem is that I've been having a small afair with my new podcast. I want to start blogging again. Really, I do. But I'm really enjoying the freedom and vitality of the new podcast. It just makes me feel so alive. I'm not sure, though, if I should tell my blog. Will that just ruin things with one of them? Both? My blog relationship is so shaky right now, I'm not sure if it can handle such a shock. UGH!! I'm so conflicted. If only I knew a marriage therapist! AHHHH!!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary!!!! Sorry i haven't been much of a blogger for a while. I joined your Sordid Lives group on Myspace. I sure hope Candice and I get a chance to see it. Leave me some funny pictures on my comments on Myspace. I am tired of being the only one who sends pics. :P

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