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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The Race is On

The title isn't related to my previous post, but it is somewhat of a coinscidence, no?

What it is referring to is the fact that two blogging milestones are approaching. On March 11 I will have been blogging for one year AND I am currently at 9,515 hits and project to soon hit the big 10K. When you factor in the fact that I didn't add the counter until about May of last year and the fact that probably a good quarter of the hits are of my own I think we are roughly correct in assuming that I've had around 10,000 hits.

The race refers to the big question of which will make it first: the one year mark or the 10K mark?

Personally, I'm going for the 10K because I'm going to do my best to write some really great inciteful, thought provoking stuff in this next week. Oh, the stuff I have lined up! It will singe the hair on your face, I'm telling you.

I want your predictions. Will it be the One Year Mark or 10K Hits in the winners circle?

Winning predictions will win a special prize. I'm not going to tell you what it is, but I'll leave you with these words: "$240 worth of pudding. Aww yeah..."


Anonymous said...

I'm betting the one year anniversary will hit first and you will have 10,000 hits by April 4th.


omegian said...

i think you'll run a 10K first

wait, what was the question?

Finally an Abrigg..... said...

well, i saw that you left a comment on my myspace...and i thought i'd would leave a comment on your blog..considering i dont' have it at school either. THANK THE LORD. blogs are bad enough..
we ended up bailing on the 10K..which sucks..becuase i did actually train..sort of.

Anonymous said...

But... if I keep checking to see how many hits you have I will inflate the number of hits and I'll lose the bet....better stop looking.


Ron said...

Congrats, Kyle. You've got a great blog and I hope you manage to keep it going for a long time to come.