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Sunday, March 26, 2006

The Show is Almost on the Road or Picnic to the Rescue!

Don't forget about the openning of Sordid Lives. Anyone who can make it please come it is sure to be a wonderful time. Free champagne on openning night, too. It's the cheap stuff and you barely get any, but, still, free.

Well, the UIL OAP of which I ranted earlier had it's competition on Friday. The kids did a great job and the show (Picnic by William Inge) advanced. The contest was Zone, and now we go on to District. When I was in school there was no Zone, only district, but I guess they created zone to allow for...Well, I'm not sure what Zone is all about. They only do it when Districts contain 8 schools or more. This Thursday we will go to Kingwood to perform at the district level. I was very happy for the kids and for Mrs. Parker. I didn't exactly feel that I had much to do with it, since I just built some set pieces and helped organize set and strike. Anyone could have done that. But, nevertheless, I realized that out of 5 years being involved with the UIL competition this is the first time I've been involved with a school that advanced.

Like I said in my previous post I've never directed a show that won or lost, and that stands true, still. But, I have had a hand in 5 different UIL shows.

1995 The Crucible John Hale, Alternate at District
1996 What I Did Last Summer Charlie, Alternate at District
2004 The Eumenides Assistant Director, did not advance
2005 By the Bog of Cats Technical Director/Set Design, Alternate at Zone (Possible conspiracy/cover-up/disqualification, we're not sure)
2006 Picnic Technical Director, Advanced from Zone to District.

Picnic is the only show that advanced from it's first competition. While it feels good and I'm glad we won I still maintain that the whole system needs some revamping to make it more about learning and sharing with other school than about winning. The more I think about it the more I don't think that this will happen seeing as how the problem is just as much with the directors' additudes toward the competion as the system itself. But the UIL could certainly help things by loosening up a bit. There is a rule for everything. Somethings I understand. Capitals (decor that is placed on top of a pylon) cannot extend more than a foot from the edge of the pylon. I understand that this is to set a limit on adding bulky additions that could become cumbersome and possibly hazzardous. But, there are some rules that just don't make sense. All the rules I can think of right now seem to make sense, so I'm not really helping my case, but, trust me. Some of the rules are put in place for simple job of making things difficult and pointless. I was coming up with all kinds of rules that didn't make sense on the bus coming home Friday night, but I can't think of anything, right now.


Lyndsey said...

Well bravo to you anyway. How I miss UIL! I know that most of the world can't stand it - but there's something I love about it. Here's hoping you & your kids break some serious legs. - Goode

Jason said...

The only UIL OAP I was ever involved with advanced from Zone to District. (Yes, we had zone back then. They must have done away with it at some point, and then brought it back later.) My freshman year (1992) we did A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum. I also got an "All-Star Cast" honor for playing Pseudolus, unless my gradiosity has altered my childhood memories. As far as UIL OAP goes, it was decent, but not anything remarkable. We lost at district to LaPorte's chanted version of "Into the Woods", which we thought was cheap. LaPorte always won in those days, often advancing all the way to state. Is that still the case?

Anyway, congrats to you, Mrs. Parker, and the kids, and break a leg at district!