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Monday, March 13, 2006


"Edgy!" "Touching!" "Hilarious!" "Side-splitting comedy!"

These are some things that I'm saying about the new Baytown Little Theater production of.....

The provacative dark comedy by Texas playwright Del Shores, author of Daddy's Dyin', Who's Got the Will.

Directed by Kyle Martin, this play will run March 31-April 2, April 7-9

Call 281-424-7617 for tickets and directions. Or, visit the BLT website.

I would love for everyone I know to come see this play if you are able to. It's kind of a stretch for this little community theatre, and the board is concerned about attendance, but I pushed for it and now I'm trying to get as many people to show as possible.

This is not a show for the young 'uns, but if you appreciate dark humor and rednecks in drag, please COME! You can contact me throught comments here, or emailing me at bullmartin@mindspring.com if you have questions.


Anonymous said...

hey k-mart.
i got a question i am really confused right now, if i am doing something for ur show or not, if i am doing something, what am i doing ?
and if i am doing something who is gonna do it on the 31st ?
and when would i have to start coming to rehearsals ?


Jason said...

Why would the board be concerned about attendance? If the show is about TX rednecks in drag, wouldn't that be right up ol' Baytown's alley? Besides, isn't this the relatively same board that gave the green light to such ground-breaking stage work as "Run for your wife" and "Lone Star" (I think that was the name of it)?

ML said...

Jason, aren't those two different shows? They did "Laundry and Bourbon" with "Lone Star". After reading the Lone Star script, I chose not to go. The play that Kyle is directing is "iffy" because of the content and language. Like Kyle has said, "not one for the young'uns". It is definitely R rated.

Oh and rahel...what u would do is just come see the show. its cast and rehearsing.

Kyle, I like the poster. I know who they are. Nice looking effect.

Anonymous said...

We'll be there.