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Friday, March 31, 2006

Seven (7) Truths

1. Larry the Cable Guy is not funny

2. A student protest is not effective unless the student are in college and actually have a clue what they are protesting.

3. A UIL OAP show has to be a tightly choreographed unit and cannot rely on the acting chops of the cast in order to advance.

4. Next week I get evaluated and so I have to stop showing my classes movies.

5. My one student, Michael, who walked out on Wednesday, knew what was going on and has my respect because he truly believed in what he was walking out for. He, too, was frustrated because no one else seemed to really care.

6. Sordid Lives opens tonight. I think it's good. It took an audience for me to come to that conclusion.

7. I've completely neglected my running and it's time to get serious.


Jason said...

1. I agree that Larry the Cable Guy is not funny, nor do I think any of the "Blue Collar" comedians are funny.

2. Speaking of showing movies in classes, have you checked out the The Four Eyed Monsters video podcast? It is a well-produced exposé into the trials and tribulations of making a (VERY) independent film called "Four Eyed Monsters". The episode that came out on Tuesday explores the difficult process of acting, directing, and the creation of art in general. The second half of the episode digresses into a melodrama, but I thought you might be interested in showing the first half to your cast of Sordid Lives. (The language might make it inappropriate for your high school classes.) If nothing else, check out the podcast.

Chad said...

I love that evaluations are announced ahead of time because I know that not one of us teaches like we're being evaluated. I'm not sure it would be so pretty if evaluations were unannounced.

And yes, I don't really like Larry the Cable Guy either.

Anonymous said...

Break some legs or something tonight, okay?

Good luck with your review. I remember that was the only time my teachers had hand outs prepared.


Anonymous said...

The show is hysterical and you should be proud....I'm proud of us for letting you do it.....it was a good decision. I had 8 students there last night and several of them emiled me today to say how much they enjoyed it...great job!

Chad said...

I can't run at 4. Let's try it Thursday

ML said...

First of all...who is Larry and why is this Cable Guy so boring?
Second of all, I have taught at a time when our evaluations were unannounced. The trick is to always be on your feet and "act" like you know exactly what you are doing. Oh and no technology during an observation, something will always go wrong.
Third, I haven't seen any of the newspaper pictures or articles on Sordid Lives. I found out there was one of Kim wearing the bra in the newspaper from a woman at church. She thought the bra must be mind. Her husband told her it couldn't be because I'm not that big! Thanks Kyle. Thanks for that. ;-/